Forex: Read All About It


Welcome to the Money In Motion blog!

With $4 trillion trading daily, there are enormous opportunities in the currency markets - and today, everyday investors have access to these markets like never before.

But access is one thing and market intelligence is another, and that's where this blog, and the new CNBC show called Money In Motion, come in. (You'll see the first show tonight, March 11, at 5:30 EST.)

We will do our best to bring you the news and insights you need to navigate the currency markets.

Between the Sturm und Drang in Europe, the ups and downs of the Middle Eastand the emerging markets, and now the earthquake in Japan, it should be quite a ride. Let us know what you think - and stay tuned.


Tune In: Beginning tonight, March 11th, CNBC's "Money in Motion Currency Trading" will air on Fridays at 5:30pm.

"Money in Motion Currency Trading" will repeat on Saturdays at 7pm.