President Obama Focuses on US's Long-Term Financial Health—and Calls for 'Adult Conversation'


President Obama focuses on US's long-term financial health—and calls for "adult conversation": Should we expect something more than punch lines involving 900 numbers? [CNN]

Slate's Annie Lowrey cleverly re-imagines our federal budget as a middle class household, where the federal government earns $60,000 a year—and spends $85,000. [Slate]

(Although you have to wonder: Why not pick $100,000 for either the income or outflow number? Isn't everything in the universe improved by decimalization and the use of a 100 point basis?)

Muni bond Mayhem: Bullish Point: Steve Liesman. Bearish Counterpoint: John Carney. [CNBC]

Barclay's profits from continuing operations jump nearly a third. [Financial Times]

The Optimist of the Year award goes to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson – who believes his company's loss of an exclusive with Apple for the iPhone will be "good for the industry". [Bloomberg] (I need to call this guy the next time I'm feeling depressed.)

Here's something no Speaker of the House, of either political party, should ever say: "If some of those jobs are lost, so be it. We’re broke.” Even if he's right. Especially if he's right. [Wall Street Journal]

When I was a little boy, robot machine guns—with laser range finders and gyroscopic stabilizers—were the stuff I dreamt of. Now that the Super Aegis II weapons system exists, it just seems a little creepy. [Reuters]

Sports Illustrated's Swim Suit Issue indicates bearish tidings for the S&P. Or bullish tidings for the S&P. Or six more weeks of winter. I don't remember. I was paying attention to the pictures. [Bespoke Investor]

"Diamondback Hit With $1 Billion In Redemptions" [DealBook]