Buffet Dumps his Bank of America Shares—at a Huge Loss


Buffet dumps his Bank of America shares—at a huge loss. [Bloomberg]

US hedge funds report their quarterly holdings. DealBook provides the highlight reel. [DealBook]

Facebook's 'Frenemies': In Silicon Valley, the line between partner and competitor is a thin one.

Commodity prices are jumping

—and those costs are creeping into consumer goods. [NY Times]

After much high-minded discussion of allowing states to file for bankruptcy, the backlash against that option has begun in Congress. [CNBC via FT]

Bahrain's "Day of Rage" leads to clashes with police—and deaths. [Financial Times]

Reuters gives advice on avoiding 'a Madoff' when picking your financial advisor. (One suspects the advice would have been equally welcome prior to 'The Madoff'.) [Reuters]

Being sober is boring: Just ask Charlie Sheen. [NY Post]