Nice Day For The Dollar, A Little Less So For Europe


The dollar delivers, and the pound takes a pounding. Here's your daily wrap of headlines getting attention in currency circles.

The pound is trading lower after the Bank of England indicated that interest rate hikes will be more gradual than traders had expected. [WSJ]

China has a new way for businesses to trade on the yuan's prospects. But the Chinese are less keen on US Treasuries, which is making the outlook for interest rates murky. [Dow Jones, FT]

Are your currency positions helping you diversify your portfolio? Maybe, maybe not. [FT]

Someday the dollar won't be the world's only reserve currency, and that could be a good thing. Really. [FT]

All those housing starts are giving the dollar a nice lift against the yen and the euro. []

The Swiss are taking steps to ease domestic pain from the franc's strength, and it is slipping against the euro. [CNBC]

More spats in the eurozone as Portugal says Europe is moving too slowly on assistance. [Reuters]


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