The Shiniest Gold Stock?

Cramer has long recommended investors own some gold. He made that recommendation again Friday, suggesting home gamers own gold coins, or an exchanged-traded fund that tracks gold prices, or bullion.

"But when it comes to the gold miners, we have to be careful," warned the "Mad Money" host. "These are not just plays on higher prices of the precious metal. They’re companies that can find all kinds of different ways to screw things up."

In the past few days, both Agnico-Eagle and Eldorado released earnings results that disappointed Wall Street, Cramer noted. Barrick Gold , on the other hand, reported positve earnings.

It seems the gold mining stocks are beginning to differientiate themselves, Cramer said. Goldcorp , for example, is one of the best performing stocks in the past decade. The stock is up 1,417 percent, where gold is up 419 percent over the same period. During that time, the average gold mining stock is up 670 percent and the Dow rose by just 10 percent.

Goldcorp is growing production, increasing reserves, developing new mines and keeping cash costs low, Cramer said. It is slated to increase production by 7 percent in 2011, where rival Barrick expects just 2.5 percent production growth. To learn more about its future prospects, Cramer interviewed Gordcorp CEO Charles Jeannes. Watch the video to see the full interview.

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