Market Will Rise 5% to 10% in Next Year: Huizenga

Billionaire businessman Wayne Huizenga expects the stock market to rise between 5 and 10 percent over the next 12 months, he told CNBC Friday.

“I’m excited about where the stock market’s going,” said Huizenga, chairman of Huizenga Holdings. “That gives a lot of ammunition for companies to do what they want to do.”

He said that between 5 and 10 percent growth is “pretty good from where we’ve been,” considering, he said, how much the market has been through during the financial crisis and during the fallout from it.

Huizenga built three Fortune 1000 companies from scratch.

Huizenga said that the cleaning supply and services enterprise Swisher Hygiene , of which he is chairman, will be acquiring lots of “mom-and-pop” companies throughout the country. He described Swisher as a small company operating in a $30 billion market.

Huizenga said that he thinks Washington is trying to be more supportive of business, but that it really doesn’t mater how politicians relate to business.

“For most business men and woman, they’re out there trying to make it happen on their own,” he added, “they’re not worried about Washington.”