Jamie Dimon Wins Shareholder Beauty Pageant

Jamie Dimon
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Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon has just been voted the most eligible CEO on Wall Street by Investor Relations magazine.

(Well, what actually happened is that Jamie Dimon ranked first, among Wall Street CEOs, in a survey of 800 equity analysts and portfolio managers in a US investor perception study, which "underpins the IR Magazine US Awards". But that's just too boring for me to write for a lede without wanting to hang myself.)

It kind of makes me wonder: Does it matter?

Isn't the only investor vote that really counts whether they're long or short the shares?

Oh, well. I'm probably just being cynical because I'm tired this morning.

Speaking of cynicism, what might be more fun would be if the 'US IR community' picked the very worst American corporations—for special citation or at least public opprobrium.

A kind of laundry list of worst practices.

That would be at least as instructive as picking the best—a kind sampling of 'stuff shareholders hate'.

Like, for example, losing money.

It would certainly be more interesting.

I formally nominate Chuck Barris and Rip Taylor to host the awards dinner.

(If you've ever been to a Wall Street rubber-chicken-dinner, you already know they're a lot less fun than this. )


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