Inside Erin Callan's Hamptons Hideaway

Source: Anthony Montella

When news broke last week that the California Public Employees' Retirement System was suing former Lehman executives, we immediately started wondering what these folks are up to now.

Three Lehman executives were named in the suit: former CEO Dick Fuld and former CFOs Chris O'Meara and Erin Callan.

Our investigation into O'Meara and Fuld continues. But we do have some intelligence on Erin Callan.

We're told by a person familiar with the matter that Callan is still dating Queens firefighter Anthony Montella. They live together in a house in East Hampton, according to the person.

We tracked down the house. Zillow says the six-bedroom, 5,500 square foot New England style it is worth $3.859 million. Erin and bought it in 2005 with her then husband, Michael Thompson, for $3,930,000. In 2008, Michael transferred the house to Erin, right around the time Erin was made CFO of Lehman Brothers. Erin paid Michael $495,000, which may reflect the sale being part of their divorce, according to information compiled from Zillow and Suffolk country property records.

In October of 2008, after Lehman had collapsed, the house was listed for sale for $3,750,000. It was pulled off the market a month later, only to be put back on the market in February of 2009 for $3,950,000. A month later the price was dropped back down to $3,600,000. It was taken off the market again three months after that.

It's been off the market since June of 2009, which may mean that Erin has just decided to stay put. Maybe she's just happier in her oversized Hamptons cottage, with nothing to remind her of Wall Street except the occasional law suit or SEC inquiry.

Anthony Montella
Source: Twitter
Anthony Montella

In November, Anthony Montella posted a series of photographs of the exterior and interior of the house on a photo sharing website.

You can browse through themhere. We're not sure why Montella posted the photos on Webshots. But we're pretty excited to get a glimpse inside the house where Callan is now living. (Update: The photos have been removed from the webshots site.)

It also appears that Anthony Montella has a twitter page. The tweets are protected, so only those Montella gives permission to may read them. But the thumbnail picture on his profile page appears to be a picture of him and Callan relaxing and looking very happy at the the beach.

Erin Callan couldn't be reached for comment. Montella didn't respond to requests.

Check out some shots of her Hamptons home below.

Photo by: Anthony Montella

Photo credit: Anthony Montella
Photo credit: Anthony Montella
Photo credit: Anthony Montella
Photo by: Anthony Montella
Photo by: Anthony Montella


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