The Decade for Equities: Charles Kantor

After appearing on "The Strategy Session" on Friday, Charles Kantor, managing director and portfolio manager of the Kantor Group at Neuberger Berman, continued the discussion off-air with David Faber about why waiting for a market pullback may be a fool’s errand and why he thinks the rally might have way, way more to go.

"The equity market to me is worried about a lot higher interest rate and the key worry is the deficit, Washington and how we address that," Kantor said.

"Having said that, the upside of course is if you get a long-term plan around this topic, you worry less about interest rates, you worry less about spending all of our revenues of paying down the debt, you can get a fantastic equity return—this is going to be the decade for equities," he added.

Check out our entire conversation with Charles Kantor in this web exclusive to see why some individual investors are engaging in riskier assets again.

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