Toilets for Teens

A sign of the times.

Last month, the LAPD initiated a multi-school lockdown after an alleged shooter allegedly shot a school police officer (a story now being discounted). During the manhunt, students at El Camino Real High School were forced to stay inside their classrooms for hours with no access to bathrooms.

You can imagine how that played out.

If Jackie Keene has her way, that'll never happen again.

Toilets for teens
Toilets for teens

Keene, President of "Friends of ECR", a fundraising arm of the PTSA at El Camino Real, has launched a campaignto buy over 100 "lockdown kits" for classrooms.

To get some attention, she came up with the grabby name "Toilets for Teens", telling me, "If you can't laugh about toilets, what can you laugh about?"

Yes, it's come to this. Parents need to fund emergency toilets to be ready for THE NEXT TIME their children are forced into a lockdown situation.

And you thought math and science scores were the problem. Apparently our schools are going down the toilet so much they lack the toilets to go down.

Each lockdown kit costs $25 and contains a 5-gallon bucket with a lid which functions as a portable toilet. Also included are "toilet paper, wipes, waste bags, latex gloves, privacy screen and bag of absorbent material." The kits are being purchased through a company called SOS Survival Products(WHO KNEW?), which is giving Keene a $5 discount. This is my kind of funny business. Perusing the SOS web site,I've decided I want some of this for my office.

Parents have long been filling the monetary void in public schools—bake sales to help the marching band buy uniforms, car washes for the water polo team—but safety equipment in case your child needs to be protected against a deranged gunman on the loose?

Keene says she's already raised more than half the money needed, and while she believes this is really something the school district should pay for, "we all know that's not going to happen right now with the budget."

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