What's On: Retailers, Juniper, Savvis and Big Oil

Here's what's up on Wednesday's Squawk on the Street:

--Retailers report. We'll keep an eye on Saks and TJ Maxx as we go high end and low end.

--We have the CEO of Juniper on the big show, expect some sort of an announcement, we can't tell you what it is right now. Plus the CEO of Savvis, a cloud computing company. It is shareholder day for Apple.

--We'll peel the skin, look into the core and take a bite out of the company to see if the stock's gone too high, too far, too fast. And with all the problems in the Middle East we're talking about a different way to play big oil, through the power of three big American oil producers, ExxonMobil, Chevron and ConocoPhillips.

--The Street Poll asks if you think Tuesday's big drop was a blip or the first part of a big dip? Share your opinion, and watch the show at 9am live from the New York Stock Exchange.