Angry in America

They're not just angry in the streets of Tripoli.

We're angry, too.

Not for the same reasons.

What's making us angry? Parking tiffs.

Holloway | Getty Images

Two couples launched the ultimate Denny's "Grand Slam" in Chicopee, MA. (Warning: language.) Rumor has it the fight started over maple syrup, but it may have actually been due to a traffic incident in the parking lot. Nothing gets us more ticked off than being slighted in the parking lot.


What amazes me about the video, beyond the obnoxious behavior, is how the manager kinda lets it all unfold until the final barrage of blows near the end. Even the boyfriends lose interest.

In another expression of our collective anger, even college mascots are losing it. Watch the Vanderbilt University mascot take on a fan who allegedly touched his junk.

That's another thing we get angry about. Junk-touching. Just ask the TSA.

And then there's the woman who beat up her roommate...over missing Thin Mints. Now that's something worth getting angry about.

Then there are all weird angry "games" we're encouraged to play. Here's one which challenges you to live below the poverty level. Sounds like fun! In another game called "Protect the Capitol", you can pelt lobbyists with snowballs. It doesn't exactly have the addictive qualities of Angry Birds...

Maybe we need to just chill a little. How about a Living Social deal called, "Shooting and Drinking"? The site promises half off on a day of good times. "Who's up for shots? Today's dealdelivers exactly that with a double dose of guns and tequila." Preferably in that order.

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