Romeo the Fox Towers Over the City of London

He is being called Romeo, is front page news and has spent days looking down on the City of London.

However, Romeo is not a soul-searching banker. It's a fox cub that somehow managed to climb to the top of a 945 foot (288 meter) skyscraper being built next to the busy London Bridge station, called the London Shard.

"How the Fox He Got Up There?" was the lead story in Britain's most popular paper, the News Corp-Owned tabloid The Sun, while free newspaper Metro wrote that the Shard had evicted its first tenant.

The fox is reported to have been living at the top of the construction site for two weeks, living off construction workers leftovers before being spotted by one of the workers who then had to launch an audacious recue mission involving some bait and a cage.

"It was found two weeks ago. It was released one week ago," a Southwark Council spokeswoman told CNBC.

Back Down To Earth

Romeo is now back on the streets of London and is likely to be found hunting for food in bins somewhere close to the City of London. Will he go back to his foxhole on the 72nd floor?

"That's up to the fox," the spokeswoman said. "I would have thought given his experience he'll be a little frightened."

According to one expert who spoke to the Sun newspaper Romeo must be the fox world's answer to Edmund Hilary.

"It was unbelievable. To get up there the fox would have had to climb 71 sets of stairs and an old fashioned ladder," said Les Leonard from the pest control offices of Southward Council.

"We finally caught him in a large fox cage, baited with chicken carcasses. My colleague Lisa Wood went up twice a day for two weeks in all weathers. You have to go up in a hoist from the 35th to 72nd floor – it set my nerves on edge," he recounted.

I bet Lisa Wood was more worried Les.

- CNBC Web Producer Antonia Oprita contributed to this story.