Waking Up with Warren


Set your alarm clocks. No sleeping late this Saturday.

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway will post its 2010 Annual Report and Q4 earnings on www.berkshirehathaway.com tomorrow morning "at approximately" 8 AM ET.

Along with extensive information on Berkshire's financials, the Annual Report also includes Buffett's very popular and widely-read annual letter to shareholders.

With some assistance from Fortune's Carol Loomis as editor, the letter is a straight-forward, folksy and funny, review of Berkshire's wins and losses over the previous year.

Buffett also uses the letter to discuss his investment strategies and to explain, and sometimes criticize, trends in the financial world and the economy.

(His famous "financial weapons of mass destruction" description of derivatives appeared in his 2002 letter. The Berkshire site includes an archive of the lettersgoing back to 1977.)

This time around, some investors will be looking for "insights on who will run the company after the 80-year-old billionaire is gone."

Writing in the Financial Times, biographer Alice Schroeder calls on Buffett to provide more transparency on succession, arguing that investors are "now fed up with the 'trust me' approach."


The Wall Street Journal's Deals & Deal Makers blogexpects Buffett will "emphasize just how much Berkshire's core insurance business is still driving its growth."

We'll all find out exactly what he does have on his mind tomorrow morning. I'll be up early for our Warren Buffett Watch coverage.

And then, on Wednesday morning, March 2, Buffett will be live on CNBC's Squawk Box for the full three hours (6A-9A ET) discussing his letter and answering many of your questions. (Submit your suggested questions here.)

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