California So Bad, the Dodgers Move Back to Brooklyn?

Now that I have your attention with that headline.

Dodgers in the throwback jerseys
Source: Los Angeles Dodgers
Dodgers in the throwback jerseys

The Dodgers sent me the picture seen here showing Andre Ethier, Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp wearing Brooklyn Dodgers jerseys.


Had the divorce of owners Frank and Jamie McCourt finally driven the team out of town? Were they heading east because of California's $26 billion deficit and a sports scene dominated by "The Black Mamba"?(I mean, it's gotta get old after a while—do you ever seen Jack Nicholson behind the bullpen at Chavez Ravine?) Would Brooklyn even forgive the Blue Crew which deserted it 53 years ago?

Just as I prepared to quote Vin Scully — "The impossible has happened!" — I read the press release attached to the photo.

Turns out the Dodgers are not moving. The McCourts (unfortunately) are not moving either.

Instead, in these recessionary times, as unemployment in Los Angeles County has hit 12.7 percent, the Dodgers are giving fans a break. For the first time ever, the team will cut beer prices in half during six mid-week games. They'll also be cutting prices for food, soda and a package of tickets, too, but DID I MENTION THAT BEER WOULD BE HALF PRICE? During these special games, the Dodgers will wear the "satin" uniforms they wore back in the '40s. These particular throwback uniforms were chosen by fans in an online vote, "edging out the 1911 road uniform by less than 2,000 votes."

The new jerseys will first be worn April 21 in a game against the Braves, commemorating the Dodgers' very first victory 121 years ago...against the Braves.

Dolph Camilli
Source: Ebay
Dolph Camilli

But will these throwback jerseys be just like the ones worn in the '40s?


"Though the original uniform worn in the 1940s was made of a highly reflective satin fabric to make it more visible under the lights for night games," says the team, "the throwback jerseys will maintain a similar feel as those worn by the Dodgers throughout the 2011 season."

So they won't really be a replica of the uniform Dolph Camilli wore in 1941 when he was named theNational League's MVPfor helping the Dodgers win the pennant for the first time in 21 years.

Too bad, because it's been 23 years since the Dodgers won the pennant, and I'd go for anything about now.

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