And The Oscar Goes To — Best Party

Oscar Awards
Oscar Awards

ABC is making blockbuster money Sunday night, selling out commercial time for the Oscars, reportedly at a near record rate of $1.7 million for 30 seconds.

The Los Angeles Timessays this could net the network $80 million.

Even though the ad time costs less than the Super Bowl, I would wager the Oscars are more profitable. Somehow I don't think the Academy commands the same type of licensing fee the NFL does.

Also making money Sunday night, Cisco's Mexican Restaurant in Thousand Oaks.

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That's who I'm paying to cater my annual all-girl Oscar party.

This year, I don't have the strength to cook.

Trader Joe's will also turn a profit thanks to me, as will the local party store.

I suppose I'll have to buy something at Burger King in order to get a crown, as I plan to host my part as The King (the Colin Firth version, not the Burger King King).

How big is the business of Oscar parties?

Wisconsin is gripped in a political crisis, but Milwaukee is one of 50 cities throwing official Oscar parties to raise money for charity (probably not to cover hotel bills of Democrats on the lam).

Then there's the food.

Suggested Oscar recipesinclude "Cowboy Skewers With 'True Grit' Polenta Cakes" and "The King Will Be Speechless Chickpea Crowns."

As for party ideas, Fandango has a wealth of suggestions:

  • The Inception Pajama Party
  • The Social Network Coffee-Induced All-Nighter
  • The True Grit Whiskey Celebration

The 127 Hours Gatorade Bash (hmmm, I may do this. If I only have to buy Gatorade, the "127 Hours" party won't cost me an arm and a leg...)

But wait! There's more!

Watch the show on TV and follow analysis online. Fandango is offering up the thoughts of Joe Navarro, a 25-year veteran FBI Special Agent, on "How to Read the Stars on Hollywood's Big Night: The Top 10 Oscar Reactions." Apparently Navarro is an expert on nonverbal communications and wrote a best seller called "How to Spot a Liar". Sounds like a good drinking game. Take a shot (of Gatorade) every time someone says, "It's an honor just to be nominated."

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