Bye, Brooke

We're losing one of the originals here today.

Brooke Sopelsa

Brooke Sopelsa, one of our video producers, is moving on to greener pastures at MSNBC.com. It's a good career move for her. But it's sad for us.

She was one of the pioneers here, starting the same day as my boss, Meredith Stark, as CNBC moved to relaunch its Web site in late 2006 as a full blown business news and financial information provider. During her time her, Brooke helped us make our site the leading provider of business video on the Web. She also cranked out a quite a few stories and original videos of her own too. (Check some of them out here).

Heck, she was a driving force behind our Week in Reviews too.

Bright journalist. Team player. We'll miss you Brooke ... and probably end up working for you some day.