Nicole Lapin Has Bieber Fever!

Justin Bieber
Gabriel Bouys | AFP | Getty Images
Justin Bieber

First Nouriel Roubini called the financial meltdown at the hands of mortgage-backed securities. Then Meredith Whitney predicted the collapse of several of the nation’s biggest banks. And now: Justin Bieber speaking out about the muni market?

As Bieber himself would say, “Never say never.”

From Joe Queenan’s column:

"It's Mr. Bieber, for example, who was the first person to warn that spiraling commodity prices would lead to unrest in Bahrain and Yemen. Interviewed by the BBC in January, he said: "Once you see that disconnect between pork belly futures and 30-day wheat, look out! When food prices spike—and this goes all the way back to the days when Mark Antony had to import grain from Egypt—there is no way to put a cap on civil unrest back home. Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Bahrain, maybe even Iran. It's the domino effect."

Okay. That would be awesome.

Unfortunately, we don’t really grow our pop stars that way.


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