The Dollar's Still In The Dumps, And The Euro Gets A Lift From Rate Hawks


The dollar is continuing its slide and euro buyers are emerging, drawn by relatively attractive yields - but how long before Portugal needs a bailout? Your daily FX Fix, right here.

As investors worry about the U.S. being late to the rate-hike party around the world, the dollar index hits a three-month low. [CNBC]

In Europe, meanwhile, whiffs of hawkish interest-rate talk are providing a boost for the euro - even though Portugal's problems only appear to be worsening. [WSJ, FT]

China needs a more flexible yuan, said President Wen Jiabao - just not right this second. Still, that was enough for traders, and the yuan rose.

Want some trading suggestions from some unlikely big hitters in the forex markets? Ask Japanese retail investors. [SmartMoney.com]


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