Charlie Sheen Is a Pussycat?

There are two people not living in reality.

One is Moammar Khaddafy.

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen

The other is Charlie Sheen.

Spoofing Sheen's pronouncements has become mandatory funny business for comedians. Even James Franco joked about him during the Oscars, and if you watched James Franco during the Oscars, you've got to be pretty low for him to be mocking you.

But of all the jokes, perhaps the most unusual take on Sheen's outbursts has come from Francesco Marciuliano. Who? He writes a the comic strip "Sally Forth"and has won two Emmy awards for the PBS kids show "SeeMore's Playhouse."

Really? A guy who writes in the funny pages about a working mother and who helped create a show where puppets talk about health and riffing on Charlie Sheen?

Well, Marciuliano also writes for The Onion New Network, and his Twitter accountreveals a snarkier side.

Marciuliano has decided to interpret Sheen's ramblings through the lens...of a cat. First, he plastered quotes from Sheen's interview with radio host Alex Jones over pictures of cats. Then Marciuliano updated with more words and more cats based on Sheen's appearances on morning network news shows Monday.

I have to admit, it kind of works. Which has me thinking. CBS could recast and rebrand the show as "One and a Half Men and a Cat" for the fall. If Garfield isn't available, hire Morris the Cat.

Now if we could just handle the Khaddafy problem as easily...

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