Greenberg: Twitter CEO Says Lots of 'Work to Do'

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Here’s how great Twitter is.

I was on CNBC’s "Power Lunch" today talking Twitter with the Wall Street Journal’s Spencer Ante.

When the question of valuation came up, I used the same line on-air that I used in my piece earlier in the day: “Twitter is more interested in figuring out a way of building a business than a stock.”

That prompted a flurry of tweets, starting with management consultant and frequent tweeter Nik Souris (NickyChips on Twitter), who repeated my comment without my name—with a cc to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, known on Twitter as dickc.

Costolo quickly responded: “Who gave the answer?”

Souris said he thought it was yours truly, and he went on to ask me via Twitter.

I responded to Souris (whom I've never met) and Costolo (never met him, either), with the question, wondering whether my comment was “right or wrong?”

Costolo responded: “Right! Herb, just watched the full clip. You are exactly right. We have enormous amounts of work to do, but that's the focus.”

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Of course they have a lot of work to do. Last thing they need to worry about is everything associated with being public.

Makes perfect sense.

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