Stunt Of The Week: Jack In The Box At The Lakers Game

I love innovative, smart marketing. So when I saw that Jack from Jack In The Box showed up at the Lakers game with his son on Friday, I smiled. Keep in mind, the fact that Jack In The Box is an official sponsor and provides free tacos if the team scores more than 100 points is key to pulling something like this off.

To find out how this went down, I called Dick Sittig of Secret Weapon Marketing. Sittig is the founder of the firm that runs Jack In The Box advertising. He also happens to be the voice and guy in Jack’s costume.

Source: Kurent Inc.

“Anyone who sees Jack In The Box marketing knows that the guy really exists in the real world, so it makes sense that he’d sit on the floor at the Lakers game like any successful person in the southern California area. He has always been viewed as a larger than life CEO, so it’s natural that he’d bring his son, which happens to be my real son, to the game as well. The over 400 commercials that we’ve done has shown him in every facet of life.”

“What made what we did relevant was the fact that we didn’t have any sort of big promotion and no one really had to announce that we were there. All we had to do was sit down and people noticed. It helps that you don’t have normal human features.”

“We try to limit Jack’s exposure in the public to make it unique when people see him. Heather Locklear wanted her picture taken with us and I’d say there were two times as many requests for Jack Jr.”

The Lakers appropriately scored more than 100 points against the Clippers on Friday night, meaning that the crowd got a chance to redeem free tacos at Jack In The Box.

Said Sittig: “Jack put a couple coupons in his pocket, too.”

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