Forex Traders Aren't Sleeping, and Kiwis Are Getting Bruised


If you want to trade forex on your own for a living, you'd better be prepared to keep some weird hours - and watch out for tumbling New Zealand kiwis. Here's your daily FX Fix.

New Zealand's prime minister said he would welcome lower interest rates, and the kiwi promptly fell to a 19-year low against the Australian dollar. [FT]

Trading against the euro could be tricky today if the market chatter continues about a possible interest-rate hike by the European Central Bank. [RTT]

You might trade most currencies against the dollar now, but that is going to change, according to this expert on currency markets. [WSJ]

Serious action in the currency markets takes place when most Americans are counting sheep. Here's how some traders cope. [WSJ]

Less leverage, more stop-loss orders: just what the forex doctors recommend as the foreign exchange markets get more volatile. [WSJ]


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