Warrren Buffett Puts On His 'Underwear' Tie for Live Squawk Box Interview


Warren Buffett got some laughs during his live appearance on Squawk Box this morning by showing off his Fruit of the Loom tie, along with the company's not-quite-polite 'motto.'

The underwear maker is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway and Buffett loves to promote his company's products.

He told Joe Kernen:

"I thought in honor of you, Joe, I would wear my underwear tie today. At Fruit of the Loom, you know, our motto is 'we cover the asses of the masses,' and I thought of you when we — I put this tie on."

Joe told Buffett he liked the tie. Then,after a back-and-forth between Joe and Carl Quintanilla about the relative merits of boxers vs. briefs, Buffett joked, "I wish I hadn't started this."

Close-up look at Warren Buffett's infamous Fruit of the Loom 'underwear' tie
CNBC/Dave Grogan
Close-up look at Warren Buffett's infamous Fruit of the Loom 'underwear' tie

It may, however, turn out to be a money maker for Berkshire. Becky Quick tells me she has received a message from Buffett saying they've already had a call at Berkshire this morning from a woman wanting to know where she can buy the underwear tie for her son.

Can a website for online sales be far away?

Here's the entire clip:

Buffett's neakwear received national attention last July, when he showed up at the White House with a "frayed" tie, prompting President Barack Obama to gave the billionairea new, gift-wrapped, red tie.

Oddly enough, we're told that both the 'underwear' tie and the tie given to Buffett by President Obama were made by Vineyard Vines in Massachusetts. (No sign of a Fruit of the Loom tie on that company's site .. yet.)

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