Counterpoint: Smart Chicks Date Smart Guys


I am certainly no genius, but, for the sake of this piece, let's call me a "smart woman." (Sure, let's call John Carney a "smart man," too.)

So, Carney recently made the argumentthat "dumb chicks have both greater opportunities and greater incentives to try harder to date smart men than smart women do." Interesting, but untrue.

Smart women have just the same incentive to date smart men. First, if there is indeed more competition for them, as Carney suggests, we all know that we "Type A" working women love a good fight. Second, smart women don't shut their brains off on the weekend. (Shocker: Smart men don't either.)

I'll give you a personal example to back that up. I went on a fantastic, fun first date recently. After dinner, we started talking about what he looked for in a woman. And he said, "I know it when I see it." And I said, "like obscenity?" And then there were the crickets. "Huh?" he said. And, that, my smart NetNet friends, is when the date was over for me.

Smart women sometimes say they want a simpleton, just like the guys. Namely, because it keeps life easy and breezy. Also, because we can—for a moment, it feels empowering.

I mean, wouldn't it be great to be as rational about what we want in our personal lives as we are in our professional "check-the-box," "spreadsheet" lives? "Good genes"-check! "Won't want to talk about work because they won't understand it"-check!

No, no, c'mon. Smart guys smell a Mrs. degree coming from a mile away. You guys think you want that, until you're bored to tears and melt her plastic bits. Until you need to take her to a State dinner and she can't smile her way out of it. Until you lose your Wall Street job and she still doesn't understand what you do enough to help you through it, as a partner, an equal, much less stand by a poor guy.

Being the aforementioned non-genius, I am certainly no genius in the dating category. But I'd venture to say that we should all trust ourselves instead of our Excel files in matters of the heart. I mean, imagine the new generation of wicked smart kids the coupling of smart men and women would produce. And, Mr. Potter Stewart would be smiling down on all of us.


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