Top Value Stocks and Funds Now: Strategists

Value stocks and funds are where investors should be putting their money right now, said Adam Bold, founder and CEO of The Mutual Fund Store, and John Morris, managing partner at Crestwood Advisors.

“What [these funds] have in common is that the managers have been able to deliver consistency of performance over the long-term,” Bold told CNBC.

“They tend to do better when the market’s doing well—and they tend to do well even when the market’s doing poorly.”

Bold’s value picks include Croft Value Fund , Wasatch 1st Source Income and Heartland Value Plus .

In the meantime, Morris shared his top stock picks:

Johnson & Johnson —"After their recalls last year and manufacturing quality issues, we see 2011 as a bright year for JNJ," Morris said.

Fidelity National —"They’ve seen an uptick in the commercial side and the refinance side, they’ve bought a lot of stock back...pays a 3.5 percent dividend and trading below book value, which is extremely attractive to us," he said.


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Morris’ firm Crestwood Advisors owns shares of JNJ, FNF, WHR for clients.

No immediate information was available for Bold or his firm.