A Freaky Friday Full of Jobs, Tough-Talkin' Greeks and that Libyan Booty


Decent U.S. employment numbersare failing to really lift the dollar, and Greece is talking tough about market upheaval. Is a Freaky Friday in the offing? Here's your daily FX fix.

What'll it take? The dollar rose against the euro - but only after slipping first- after reports that the U.S. economy added 192,000 jobs in January. [WSJ]

Greece's president warned of market turmoil if European leaders can't agree on a plan to deal with weaker eurozone members,but the euro was still riding high in the wake of the European Central Bank's tough talk on inflation and interest rates. [WSJ]

Brazilian inflation slowed in February but it is still near the top of the target zone. The central bank raised interest rates earlier this week. TK currency. [CNBC]

Talk about a cruise to nowhere: British authorities seized a ship carrying the equivalent of $160 million in Libyan currency after it turned back from a planned docking in Tripoli. [CNBC]


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