Shanghai's One-Dog Policy

This is a transcript of top stories presented by China's CCTV Business Channel as produced by CNBC Asia Pacific.

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Puppy love in Shanghai is being reined in. Come May 15 - restrictions like one pooch per family and bans on attack dogs come into effect.

The good news? Registration fees will also come down from 2000 Yuan per year — to encourage dog registrations. High fees are one reason there may be 600,000 unlicensed pooches in Shanghai.

Ms Zhang, Retiree:
2000 yuan in Jing'An district is too high, although here the property prices are high, most people's incomes are low.

The new rules try to balance animal welfare with the constraints of a densely populated metropolis.

Pei Zhen, Shanghai NPC delegate:
When we drafted the new regulations, we wanted to emphasise the owner's responsibilities.

Owners can be fined for their pets' excessive barking and attacks on people. For the first time, dog abuse will be a punishable offence — another compassionate element is that unlicensed dogs no longer face the threat of being caught and put down.

Jane Su, Volunteer, SSAPA:
They'll first give the owner a warning, a ticket, then they have to pay fines, after 2 to 3 times, they take the dog away, that's a really good change.

Three months away from the one-dog policy — some dog lovers have already thought up ways around the rules.

Xu Hanya, Dog owner:
I will register one dog with my family and the other one with my mother-in-law.

Car restrictions, property restrictions, now dog restrictions are set to become another price of living in china's most crowded city.

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