How I Made My Millions#6 will premiere on Thursday, March 10th at 9pm ET, and will repeat that evening at 12am ET.

The 30 minute show will re-air on Sunday, March 13th at 9pm ET.



CNBC's "How I Made My Millions" goes behind the curtain to reveal how everyday people have taken ordinary ideas and turned them in extraordinary businesses. Companies that have surpassed that magic number of a million dollars.

Each of these entrepreneurs took a risk, believed in their dream and, thanks to a lot of hard work and a little luck, became millionaires.

"How I Made My Millions" puts the American Dream on display and shows you that it's alive and well if you have the heart, the desire and the know-how to make it big.


Method Cleaning -- Back in 2000, friends, Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan thought they could make better, eco-friendly cleaning products and package them in beautifully designed containers that didn't need to be hidden inside a cabinet. They maxed out their credit cards and got friends and family to help fund their business which they called, Method. The next year, they had 4 cleaning products in 20 local grocery stores. By 2010, they had about 130 Method products on the market in the U.S.and 5 other countries with revenues topping $100 Million.

Merlot -- Wayne Beckley had some modest success as an entrepreneur but nothing like the time he's had selling skin care products. Merlot Skin Care is now in its 10th year. He'd heard about the power of anti oxidants consumed in red wine so he did some research and became convinced they could help the skin in topical form as well. He mixed the first batches in his own kitchen then used his garage as a warehouse to ship them out commercially. Soon his local Walgreen's was selling them and now he's selling $12 million dollars worth of Merlot Skin Care products.

Miche Bags -- Corbin Church has created a powerhouse out of Miche Bags, started by a young housewife, Michelle Romero, who didn't want to toss out a new pocket book after she spilled her lunch on it. Instead she removed the outside of the pocketbook and replaced it with a new design. Now, Miche Bags sells about 40 different magnetically attached designs at a time, mostly through house parties (think Tupperware.. or Avon calling..). totaling more than $55 million in sales in 2010.

Schlafly -- In 1989, Tom Schlafly and Dan Kopman wanted to make their own beer and start a brewpub but they had a lot going against them: craft beer was not popular, microbreweries were illegal in Missouri and there plan was to do this in St. Louis-- home of the King of the Beers, Anheuser-Busch. Schlafly, who also happens to be an attorney, was able to successfully lobby the state legislature to get permission to sell his beer. Now, about two decades after they opened their first venue, Schlafly Beer is producing 36,000 barrels of beer a year and boasting sales of more than $7 Million.

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