Big Week for Big Media & Small Startups


It's a big week for big media companies — Wall Street analysts are heading down to Florida for two high-profile conferences — Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse's.

Meanwhile out in LA at the Montgomery Tech Conference, a hundred and fifty startups are gathering to present to VC and private equity investors, along with execs from media and tech companies.

Then the week will finish off with a movie debut from the force behind "Twilight."

Big Guns at Media & Telecommunications Conference

Deutsche Bank is hosting its 19th annual Media & Telecommunications Conference the 7th through 9th at the Breakers hotel in Florida. A number of big name CEOs including Jeff Bewkes and Les Moonves are speaking today, and one hot topic they're sure to address is the ad market, and whether it can remain so robust. The conference will also focus on content companies leverage over distribution companies (the prices they can charge, etc), and online video distribution.

Credit Suisse is hosting its Global Media & Communications 'Convergence' Conference, also the 7th through the 9th at the Mandarin Oriental in Miami. Attendees span the gamut from Thomson Reuters, to Verizon, to RealNetworks and Liberty Global. Big media companies will have a presence — Time Warner's CFO John Martin and Disney's CFO Jay Rasulo are both presenting. We can expect many of the same topics to be front and center — advertising, digital distribution, and monetizing content on new platforms.

Montgomery Tech Conference

And at the other end of the spectrum, hundreds of small companies are gathering for another kind of conference — boutique bank Montgomery & Co is hosting its 8th annual technology conference in Santa Monica, Ca. The two day event features presentations 150 emerging growth private companies to an audience of venture capitalists, private equity investors and executives from media and tech giants. Everyone's trying to figure out what's the next big thing— companies that'll either IPO or be acquired by Google, Microsoft or Disney.

I'll interview a slew of startups and VC investors on Tuesday, and will be broadcasting live from the event on Wednesday. This is an opportunity to examine what venture capital and private equity is looking for now—and what they're spending—as well as trends in fast-growing startups.

Twilight Director Catherine Hardwicke returns with "Red Riding Hood"

On Friday Warner Brothers opens "Red Riding Hood" at nearly 3,000 theaters; even before reviews come out the movie has a huge amount working in its favor. The film is directed and produced by Catherine Hardwicke — the powerhouse behind the "Twilight" franchise, whose three films have grossed $789 million in the US alone. And this film has many of the same winning elements — a familiar title (this one going back a bit further than the "Twilight" novel series), a love story, and just enough danger and violence to get young guys into the theaters along with their girlfriends. I haven't seen any reviews yet, but Rottentomatoes.comsays that 87 percent of the audience polled wants to see it.

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