Lenny Dykstra: ‘I'm Winning More Than Anyone Knows’

Lenny Dykstra
Getty Images
Lenny Dykstra

He's back, and he's "winning" with Charlie Sheen.

Lenny Dykstra sat down with John Clark of NBC10 in Philadelphia this weekend to talk about his friend Sheen.

He also talked about himself.

"I'm winning more than anyone knows," the former World Series champ told Clark. "I'm living in a $10 million house."

Where, exactly, is not clear.

Maybe it's Charlie Sheen's house. Dykstra has reportedly been hanging outwith the actor, both before and after the star was fired from "Two and a Half Men." "Charlie's clean and sober, man," Lenny says. He called CBS' firing of Sheen the equivalent of going to the World Series and benching your best player.

While Dykstra continues to be a bit vague over whether or not he owns the two mansions (he doesn't), he claims the last two years have been harder than making it in the big leagues. He claims he lived on the streets for a while. How long? Long enough to be like "that Indian dude, Gandhi." And, like Gandhi, Lenny Dykstra fears for his future. "Don't be surprised if I'm not assassinated by one of these banks one of these days."

Or he might get walloped by the waiter he allegedly stiffed in Philly.

Physically, it does appear the last two years have taken a bit of a toll. Compare Dykstra's interview with Clark to the interview I did with him in July 2009just as his troubles were becoming public.

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