Banking on the North?

Banks are typically among the best ways to play an economic recovery, Cramer said Monday. Between bad press and overhang from financial regulatory reform, the "Mad Money" host doesn't suggest investing in U.S. banks now, though. He likes Canadian banks instead.

Canadian banks are doing well, the "Mad Money" host said. Its housing market has already rebounded with prices surpassing 2007 levels. Canada's economy is growing faster than in the U.S.'s, too, with an unemployment rate of just 7.8 percent. Meanwhile, the Canadian government does not impose the same kind of regulations on its financial institutions. The Great White North didn't even have a serious financial crisis, like the U.S. had, so Canadian banks never had to cut their dividends.

With this embarrassment of riches, which Canadian bank should you own? Watch the video to get Cramer's top picks.

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