Business News Your Teacher Said What?! Defending Our Kids from the Liberal Assault on Capitalism by Joe Kernen

CNBC anchor Joe Kernen rebels against the liberal brainwashing of his young daughter by the mainstream media and educational establishment.

About the Book

Your Teacher Said What?! Defending Our Kids from the Liberal Assault on Capitalism
Joe Kernen and Blake Kernen, authors

Every morning on CNBC's Squawk Box, Joe Kernen asks challenging questions. And at home he does the same with his young daughter, Blake. What are you learning in school? What TV shows do you like? What message did you get from that movie? When Blake was nine, her answers told Joe that she had already absorbed a distorted view of economics. She was learning that capitalism is unavoidably immoral and that no matter how bad things get, the government will always bail us out.

Joe admits that he shouldn't have been surprised, in an era when Washington casually takes over car companies and spends a trillion dollars "stimulating" the economy. But he was outraged, and determined to do something about it. He began teaching Blake how capitalism really works, and why it's worth defending.

Ultimately, Joe convinced Blake that capitalism isn't about greed; it's about freedom. As she writes in one of her sections: "When I go to the store to buy a net for my aquarium (I have puffer fish) I can find a lot of nets, but no one told the store which ones to put on the shelf, and no one told the companies that make the nets how many to make, and no one told the companies that deliver the nets when to bring them. Or, rather, everyone told them. Millions of ordinary people deciding what to buy and sell are smarter than even the hundred smartest people in the world."

Joe Kernen is the co-anchor of CNBC's longest-running program, the top-rated morning show Squawk Box. His daughter, Blake Kernen, is a fifth grade student.

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