Large Caps Will Beat Small Caps as Rally Goes On: Pro

Large-cap stocks should perform better than the mid-caps or small-caps in this third year of a bull market, according to Ronald Weiner, president and CEO of RDM Financial Group.

“We’re in a pretty good shape as long as oil stays where it is or doesn’t go up a lot more,” Weiner told CNBC. (Scroll down for Weiner’s full picks.)

In the meantime, James Dailey, CIO and senior portfolio manager at Team Asset Strategy Fund said that the economic recovery has been “driven by the steroids of fiscal and monetary stimulus.”

“We’ve been focusing on companies where profit margins are defensible and business profiles are stable.”

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  • Dailey's Previous Appearance on CNBC (Feb. 17, 2011)
  • Weiner's Previous Appearance on CNBC (Jan. 10, 2011)


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Weiner and his family own shares of CAT, C and AAPL.

No immediate information was available for Dailey or his firm.