Chicken & Waffles, S'mores Panini Win’s Best New Ballpark Food

The Savannah Sand Gnats, the Single-A affiliate of the New York Mets, have two new concession items thanks to the power of social media and

Over the weekend, I asked my Twitter followersto come up with the best new ballpark foods.

We narrowed down the list and had you vote on for your favorite mealand favorite dessert.

The winners?

Stadium Style Chicken & Waffles, which garnered 27 percent of the vote in the meal category and the Smores Panini, which took 39 percent of the vote in the dessert category.

The Stadium Style Chicken & Waffles was dreamed up by Perry Ng, an attorney from San Francisco.

“I first had chicken and waffles at Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles in Los Angeles while I was a student at UCLA,” Ng said. “I always thought it was good diner food, but definitely needed to be more portable.”

Ng’s creation uses the waffles as buns, though there’s no guarantee that the gravy or the syrup says off a fan’s clothes.

The S'mores Panini, complete with Fluff, Nutella and crushed graham cracker on hot Italian bread, is the creation of Michael Kraus, who owns a panini establishment called Caffe Lola in Niagara Falls, NY.

“It is one of those oddities on our menu that people really love,” said Kraus, a 37-year-old who also loves minor league baseball. “I’m a little shocked, but ecstatic that it got chosen.”


The Sand Gnats have committed to selling the items for every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night home game.

“We brainstormed over lunch with a cook at one of our local home-cookin’ spots and started formulating recipes for our two leading candidates,” said Sand Gnats president John Katz. “The Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwich will be served in a fashion that is completely unique to Savannah. It’s just a shame that folks will have to wait until Opening Night to try one."

Katz said the Smores Panini idea “had me at fluff.”

“Being from the Boston area, Fluff was a staple of my childhood diet and remains a part of my personal nutritional program to this day," Katz said. "Fluff is not typical southern fare, but I know a few spots in Savannah that stock it. We will begin stockpiling it like we stockpiled Spam and bottled water before Y2K.”

“We are glad to have teamed up with for this culinary adventure via social media,” Katz said. The team will sell the two items at its home opener on April 15.

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