Sheen Ticket Prices 'Torpedoed' After Motor City Show

Following the terrible reviews of actor Charlie Sheen’s first live show on his "Torpedo of Truth" tour, fans have been trying to offload tickets and sell them back—at very low prices.

“It’s been a really interesting dichotomy with Charlie; we had all this interest come in for the ticket sales. It had been 24-hours-a-day of Charlie, all the interviews he’d been doing, radio, Internet. So there was this huge curiosity, tickets went on sale and they were snapped up in an instant,” Glen Lehrman, director of strategy at Stubhub! told CNBC.

But after Sheen’s disastrous Detroit show, tickets have resold for as low as $9 on the website. Prior to his appearance in the Motor City, tickets were changing hands in the $90 range.

“What happened was you had this show in Detroit on Saturday night, and it got such horrible reviews. The bottom fell out, and now it’s a fire sale for Charlie Sheen for lack of a better term,” Lehrman added.

Detroit is "a recession-hit city. People don’t usually pay high premiums for tickets, but were willing to go a little above and beyond what they normally would...there was a huge premium placed on tickets, and what happened was you sort of saw this correction in the marketplace as the weeks went on," he said.

Tickets "went from somewhere in the $90 region in Detroit to somewhere in the $30 region.”

“I think people almost want to see a train wreck… live in person. Everyone’s interested, is this real, is this an act, is this somebody who’s on drugs?” said Lehrman. “There’s this general curiosity that anything could happen at any point…but people are only willing to pay a certain amount for that curiosity."

So who's paying to see Charlie live? “Charlie definitely has a loyal following… but I do think you’re getting a good portion of people where this is just a general curiosity,” said Lehrman.

"People want to say, ‘I was there, I saw this, I was a part of history.'"