Waking up With Nicole Lapin


The quake 100x larger than the one that devastated Haiti happened during my watch. Here are all of the quake and beyond updates I got for ya:

BEATING: The Nikkei fell 1.7; Europe is hitting a 3-month low; futures have been beat up all morning.

OIL: Prices slipped below $100; Copper isn't getting love either.

SAVE: The BoJ says they'll help the Japanese market in the wake of the quake.

INSURE: Swiss Re and Munich Re are hurting big time.

YEN: Overracted off the bat, then strengthened. It's joining the greenback and treasuries in the safety trade. Fx guys tell me to watch a rapid repatriation of funds (to pay for damage) and foreign currency asset sales.

JUMP: German inflation rises to 2.1% in February, wholesale prices jump by even more; UK PPI jumps for the year, but the month-over-month increased dipped to 0.5%

DA DA DA: Russia's biggest lender buys leading private investment bank Troika Dialog for a cool billion bucks.

TADA: iPad2 comes out at 5p.

SUPER: U.S. Equity Fund Inflows tripled this week.

SUPPER: Are you on Geitner's dinner list tonight? Here are some of the guests: Rex Tillerson, Daniel DiMicco, Scott Donnelly, Michael Duke, James Hackett, Lee McIntire, Richard Templeton.


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