By The Numbers: Business of the NCAA Tournament

The NCAA men's basketball tournament, which starts tomorrow, is big business. Here is a snapshot of some of the numbers.

NCAA Basketball Trophy
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NCAA Basketball Trophy

$55: Price of Jimmer Fredette replica jersey at the BYU bookstore.

Fredette will see no money from the sales.

280: Amount of brands that spent money on March Madness TV advertising from 2001 to 2010, according to Kantar Media.

$10,000: Amount University of Texas-San Antonio LOST last year on its men's basketball team, according to Equity in Athletics filings.

$1,091: Cheapest non-stop flight on Orbitz.comfor Washington Huskies fans to travel to Charlotte, NC for the team's first couple games.

Huskies fans have to travel farther than any other fan group.

$400,000: Average bump in licensing royalties for schools who win the title.

$1.3 million: Price of a 30-second ad during the Final Four, according to Ad Age. That's about $1.7 million less than this past year's Super Bowl rate.

$1.4 million: Amount each tournament game is worth to the team's conference. Payout is made over six years.

48 million: Fans who watched at least some of last year's Duke vs. Butler final, the biggest tournament ratings since 2005.

8.4 million: Number of hours Challenger, Gray & Christmas says is wasted by employees spending time on March Madness at work.

$14 million: What Sportsbook.comis offering for the perfect bracket.

Don't get excited. There are at least 9.2 quintillion possible combinations, according to

$26,123,377: Money made by the Big East this year for playing 109 tournament games over the last 5 years, the most of any conference.

$2.5 billion: Conservative estimate of how much will be bet, legally and illegally on March Madness.

$10.8 billion: Price CBS & Turner agreed to pay for the next 14 years of TV rights.

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