Every Kid's Dream Job: Superhero for a Day

It's every kid's dream job: The chance to be a superhero for a day. For the kids in the Billboard Family, that dream just came true!


The Billboard Family — parents Carl and Amy Martin, kids Layne and Kaitlyn, and baby Alex — get paid to wear a company’s T-shirt for the day, then blog, do Facebook and Twitter updates and create YouTube videos to talk to their online community about the company they’re wearing.

This week, the kids got a special treat: PowerCapes, a company that makes customized capes, hired them to wear capes for a day.

Kids Layne and Kaitlyn were already doing back-flips when Dad Carl asked them if they wanted to be part of Mom and Dad’s new business as professional T-shirt wearers. So, you can imagine the excitement when they found out they got to wear capes for a day!

“These are way better than our old capes!” Layne, 5, exclaimed, referring to the garbage bags they used to use as capes by sliding their arms through the handles. Then, he turned to his sister and whispered, “I guess there are two new superheroes in the world.”


The kids like to be involved with the production of the daily photos and videos — and they’re particularly good with poses. Of course, that day’s poses were a no-brainer: It was all about superpowers and saving the world.

And, while this may be Mom and Dad’s company, the kids, naturally, were in charge on superhero day. (After all, they were the ones with prior superhero experience!)

“We really had a lot of fun,” Carl said. “The kids came up with dozens of different scenarios and acted them out. Some involved Amy and I, and some we were not allowed to participate in!”

In one scene, Kaitlyn, 4, loses her powers and Layne, playing the superhero known as Big Brother, rescued her and restored her powers.

Layne is a big fan of commercials (he’s perfect for this spokes-kid job), his dad says, and he’s always quoting from them. So, at one point, while he was saving people from different disasters, he declared, “Nationwide is on your side!” (That was a freebie — Nationwide didn’t pay him for that plug.)

The family is trying to inspire people to be real-life superheroes. For anyone who donates a PowerCape to a child with heart problems, they’ll enter their name in a drawing to win a free day of advertising with the Billboard family. The entry deadline is March 31.

Layne and Kaitlyn were natural superheroes: In one of the day’s photos posted on BillboardFamily.com, you’ll see Layne and Kaitlyn flexing their muscles. ARGGGH! In another, Dad is playing the villain and Layne delivers a right cross to his chin. POW! Then, both fists shoot to the sky and Layne prepares for takeoff.

[makes rocket noises]

To the Internet … and beyond!

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