When: Tonight, Thursday, March 17th at 7pm ET

Where: CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report

Following is an excerpt from the unofficial transcript of a CNBC interview with Donald Trump, Chairman Trump Organization, tonight on CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report” (M-F, 7-8pm ET).


Mr. TRUMP: The problem is they don't know.

KUDLOW: We don't know.

Mr. TRUMP: Right. That's the biggest problem. Nobody knows. And when you see they're leaving Tokyo and they're leaving by the thousands and by the hundreds of thousands, so there's--because I've got to assume a situation like this, and the United States is not leading. The United States--look, I'm all for golf. I'm a good golfer, I play a lot of golf, I win plum championships, I know a lot about the game. I own 12 courses that are top of the line. I don't want to see Obama--and I'm speaking against myself--I don't want to see Obama playing golf when Japan is in this kind of trouble.

KUDLOW: What would you like to see him do right now?

Mr. TRUMP: I'd like to...

KUDLOW: What would you like to see him do?

Mr. TRUMP: You know, I'd like to see...

KUDLOW: What can he do?

Mr. TRUMP: I'd like to see him be in the White House at all time, be available at all time. And maybe, maybe even make a trip over to a certain part, just as a sort of a signal.

KUDLOW: To Tokyo

Mr. TRUMP: Yeah.

KUDLOW: To Tokyo?

Mr. TRUMP: Wouldn't that be brilliant? Go over there and tell them, `We're here to help. We're here to do something.' Not be on the golf course.

KUDLOW: He's going to Brazil. Is that the wrong choice?

Mr. TRUMP: Well, I don't think it's the right choice now. You can't have the president of the United States working on his nine iron shots when Japan is potentially, I mean, one of the great problems ever. So I think maybe the concept--you're asking what should he do.


Mr. TRUMP: The concept of him getting on that plane and flying over for a two-hour visit would be brilliant, in my opinion.

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