Stocks Dip Again on Japanese Clear Worries


The Japanese Red Cross has said repeatedly since the day after the earthquake that it does not want or need outside assistance. [NY Times]

Japan seeks to revive power—and cooling pumps—at doomed nuclear plant. [CNBC]

Stocks dip again on Japanese nuclear worries. [NY Times]

US nuke agency chief paints a very grim picture of the Japanese catastrophe. [NY Times]

CNBC's Jeff Cox on Black Swans becoming routine for financial markets.(He's even coined a new term: Grey Goose—which I will try very hard to work into cocktail conversation.) [CNBC]

Housing construction down. Again. [Bloomberg]

The QE3 Debate. [CNBC]

GE's $1 Billion nuclear business faces uncertain future as world weighs nuclear risks. [Bloomberg]