What's On: Global Markets, Earnings and Outperformers

Here's what's up on Thursday's Squawk on the Street:

--Full coverage of the markets after a rough Wednesday. All US markets are now down for the year, or right on the edge. Our comprehensive look at stocks will focus on some of the biggest names in business including Caterpillar, Apple and Microsoft.

--Plus, earnings from FedEx and Winnebago. Both companies are heavily dependent upon the US and global economies and both have a lot at stake when it comes to high energy prices, the crisis in Japan and problems in the Middle East.

--The Street Poll asks if you believe investors and traders are overreacting to all the events in Japan as the markets have really been in decline since the earthquake and tsunami last week. Share your opinion.

--Then we're also looking at a few stocks lost in the shuffle, stocks that are really outperforming. Six Flags, LuluLemon and Ann Taylor. Plus the most dependable cars on the road this year. We'll have the list. Watch Squawk on the Street 9am Thursday live from the New York Stock Exchange.