Greenberg: New Netflix Rival Flooded with Customers

After reading David Pogue’s excellent piecethis morning in the New York Times on Zediva, a new rival to Netflix, I went to the website to check out who is behind the company.

What I got: “We’re sorry… Registration is temporarily full.”

Pogue will be on Power Lunch today with more, but the gist of the service: Instead of direct streaming of movies from digital libraries, Zediva streams directly from DVDs. (Yes, as nutty as it sounds, warehouses full of DVD players streaming movies to your computers.) The upside:

Streaming movies sooner than Netflix — as soon as they’re available on DVDs, along with all of the options on DVDs.

Meanwhile, Zediva’s capacity issue wasn’t any better when I checked back later in the morning. According to the website:

"We sure are a busy bunch of monkeys trying to keep up with all our new customers! We're delighted that you are interested in watching new release movies on-line with Zediva. We're still a new company, so please excuse us while we catch up.

Please do signup, and we'll add you to the waiting list. We'll let you know when we've reopen the doors (in the order that requests are received)".

Gotta love it!

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