Do We Have A Bracket Crisis?

It has been a running joke on ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike for a long time.

Co-host Mike Greenberg only believes in filling out one bracket, while his partner Mike Golic fills out many more.

This year, it’s three, but I think it has been as many as 10.

When the two make a bet on games, Golic has to decide which one is the real one, which they call “The Sheet Of Integrity.”

As I said yesterday, I’m not filling out a bracket because I think I enjoy it more when I root for great games instead of great teams. But clearly, America doesn’t think that way.

I asked my Twitter followers this morning how many brackets they had filled out. I took the first 250 to reply. So here are the numbers.

  • Average amount of brackets filled out per person: 3.3
  • Percent of people who only filled out one: 39%
  • Percent of people who filled out at least five: 21.2%
  • Percent of people who filled out at least ten: 6.8%

The average number is of course skewed by the nuts who filled out a ton of brackets. One Twitter follower of mine @zoowithroy told me he filled out 19 brackets.

Questions? Comments?