Two Stocks to Find Income Now: Portfolio Manager

After receiving permission from the Federal Reserve, several major banks including JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo have raised their dividends, which is a "start and a step in the right direction, but well below where we've been," Jill Evans, portfolio manager Alpine Dynamic Dividend Fund, told CNBC on Friday.

"JP Morgan and Bank of America, they were all over 4 percent yield. These are coming in: I believe Wells Fargo about 1.7 and JP Morgan about a 2 percent dividend yield," said Evans, who manages over $2 billion in assets.

"The market was anticipating this, the banks are over-capitalized—Jamie Dimon at JP Morgan has been very vocal about having excess capital," she added.

Financials used to be dividend payers—"in 2007 it was our largest sector that we got dividend from and it virtually disappeared," Evans went on to say.

"The number-one sector right now that everyone needs to take a look at is energy," she said.

One of her top picks is a company called Seadrill, which is the largest offshore drilling company.

Seadrill has an 8 percent dividend yield with the youngest fleet.

It is just beginning to return cash now and with a 14 billion market cap, there is sustanable dividend growth here, added Evans.

Another pick is the US-centric movie theatre operator Cinemark for its 4.5 percent yield and 3-D growth. Also, the company has 30 percent of Latin America, which has been very strong, she added.

"Financials actually scream well on earnings growth and dividends ... we're just going to be selective and stick with high quality names, we like a Goldman Sachs and a JP Morgan," Evans concluded.

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