Goodbye David Rosenberg

David Rosenberg
David Rosenberg

Sad news. David Rosenberg's daily letter "Breakfast With Dave" is going to a paid model. We'll miss him.

This just came out:

Since first publishing Breakfast with Dave when I started with Gluskin Sheff + Associates back in May 2009, we had always notified our readership that the report was going to be made available on a free trial basis. For clients of our firm, the report is still going to be made available for free. But for non-clients, the free trial period will finish by the end of March.

At that time, the Breakfast (and other meals) with Dave will become a paid subscription service with an annual fee of CAD $1,000. We will be providing more details as the time approaches. If you do plan on subscribing, we want you to know that the Breakfast with Dave research reports will look exactly the same but for security reasons will be using a secure PDF format. This new security will require a FileOpen software “plug-in” to be installed on your computer, and as part of the security process all subscribers will require a personal registration file from Gluskin Sheff to be able to open and read my Breakfast with Dave reports. Watch for more news on these changes in my upcoming reports.

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