Hottest Wireless and Mobile Stocks

The rapid growth taking place in the wireless industry around the globe is changing the way we live, communicate, access data, and watch videos.

CNBC - Ctia Wireless 2011- The Wireless Connection
CNBC - Ctia Wireless 2011- The Wireless Connection

Some of the latest innovations, from smartphones to tablets, will be highlighted during the 2011 International CTIA Wireless Conference in Orlando, beginning March 22.

Jim Cramer, host of Mad Money, says the "smartphone revolution" could be larger than the widespread adoption of the personal computer and Internet in the '90s.

Cramer introduced a Mobile Internet Index in August, 2009—a basket of 21 stocks. Since then, the index is up about 50 percent, versus a 29 percent gain for the S&P 500 during the same period.

As CTIA Wireless gets under way, ran a screen searching for some of the largest percent gainers in the wireless industry in the past year. The table below includes the results. Ticker symbols highlighted in gray are part of Cramer's Mobile Index.

And remember to watch CNBC for the latest from the show, including interviews with wireless company CEOs and industry analysts. CNBC is the official broadcast partner of the event.

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