Haley Barbour: The President Is Road-Blocking Reasonable Ways to Increase America's Energy Supply and Create Jobs


CNBC reported earlier this morning, Twenty Republican governors sent a letter to President Barack Obama airing their concerns on the regulations and policies of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

"Simply put, the Obama Administration and the EPA are on a crusade against American businesses and state governments,” said Republican Governors Association Chairman Rick Perry. “Over the last decade, Texas has reduced ozone levels by 27 percent, more than any other state, and cut nitrogen oxide emissions by 53 percent while also creating more jobs than any other state in the nation. But instead of hailing Texas as a model, the EPA has attempted to usurp regulatory authority traditionally left to the state.”

RGA Vice Chairman Virginia Bob McDonnell who has been in a battle with environmentalists to expand his state's nuclear grid says nuclear along with, wind, coal and the offshore exploration of oil and natural gas need to all be included in America's pursuit for safe and affordable energy,

“It will only be through a combination of these energy sources that the nation will be able to meet its energy demands and curtail its dependence upon foreign oil. Our plans to develop Virginia’s offshore oil and natural gas supplies have been thwarted by the Obama administration’s failure to include drilling 50 miles off the coast of Virginia in the five-year lease plan. Once again, rising gas prices are hurting families and small businesses due to the shortsightedness of overzealous federal regulators.”

The Governors say a basket of energy is needed in order to achieve this goal but believe the President's actions are leading the country down the opposite path, “For the sake of economic growth, our country needs a policy of more abundant, affordable, American energy,” added RGA Policy Chairman Haley Barbour. “Unfortunately, the President is doing exactly the opposite and road-blocking reasonable ways to increase America’s energy supply and create jobs.”


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