Food Inflation Gets Dangerous

David Blumenfeld | Getty Images

We're not having food riots in the United States. Yet. But San Antonio police have arrested a manwho allegedly fired on officers when he lost it after Taco Bell raised prices.

According to the store manager, the man ordered seven Beefy Crunch Burritos, apparently still thinking they were on the dollar menu. Instead, prices had jumped 50 percent, from 99 cents to $1.49 each. Beef prices are skyrocketing...and apparently Taco Bell really does use beef.

The unnamed suspect allegedly went nuts when he realized his $6.93 order would really be $10.43 — firing an air gun at an employee, leading police on a chase, barricading himself in a hotel room, and then firing an assault rifle at officers. He was eventually taken into custody, and he's facing three counts of attempted capital murder.

All because of some burritos. (Interesting that his beef was with the price, and not with how much beef was in the beef.)

Let's hope this is an isolated incident, because, I gotta tell you, I used to work at Taco Bell . The only defensive weapon I ever had against an angry customer was a sour cream gun. Effective...but only to a point.

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