What's On: Warren Buffett, Telecoms and the Porn Industry

Here's what's up on Tuesday's Squawk on the Street:

--We'll have Jim Cramer's interview with the CEO of Sprint NextelDaniel Hesse. This company's stock was really beaten up on Monday, we'll see where they stand Tuesday... and down the line.

--We'll also hear from AT&T'sCEO Randall Stephenson and Verizon'sCEO Ivan Seidenberg.

--Plus earnings from Carnival and from Walgreen. Both stocks could be on the move.

--We're also looking at stocks on the railroad. CSX and Norfolk Southern both hitting 52 week highs, should you be waiting for these stocks at the next station?

--We'll catch up with Becky Quick and Warren Buffett as they look at investing opportunities in India.

--And we're talking porn. Porn sites are being pushed to a new domain name. Instead of ".com" they'll be ".xxx." Is that a good idea? That's our Street Poll for Tuesday. Share your opinion and watch the big show at 9am eastern live from the New York Stock Exchange.